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The latest news and discussions on the topics of family health, parent education and child development.

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Reflections on 2023 Health of Women and Children Report

The new America’s Health Rankings 2023 Health of Women and Children Report by the United Health Foundation underscores the importance of our work.

Looking Back & Moving Forward with Veronda Durden

President & CEO Veronda L. Durden shares some key successes from the last year, and a look ahead at serving families in Central Texas.

Recognizing Leader in Parent Education

Cora Cramer wins the 2023 Ruth Wells Award, a employee recognition award for her commitment to children and families in Central Texas.

Kids Art Contest Winners!

Our kids art contest was an opportunity for our young clients to share what “family” means to them.

2023 Texas Legislative Session Update

Any Baby Can played a pivotal role in the 2023 legislative session, collaborating with key partners to advocate for well-being of parents and children.

Growth Mindset for Parenting

Growth mindset—the idea that your skills improve through effort, practice and learning—applies to parenting too!

Improving Mother-Baby Outcomes

When a mother is supported in pregnancy and throughout parenthood, the person who benefits the most is the child.

A Little Goes a Long Way in Supporting Children

A little goes a long way in allowing a family to focus on what children need to thrive.

A Legacy Lives on Through Giving

After facing the diagnosis of childhood cancer, the Duke family created a legacy through giving for their daughter Emma.
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How Our Programs are Adapting

During the Coronavirus pandemic, our staff, volunteers, supporters and client families have adapted, learned new skills and taken on new roles. While programs may be delivered a little bit differently, the value and need for support services is crucial.
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Our Benefit Concert Heroes

The generosity of our benefit concert sponsors remind us that when we work together, we make our community stronger. These corporations and individuals are Any Baby Can’s personal heroes who have helped keep our services open and accessible.
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Our Vision: Investing in Child Development

Our Vision: Investing in Child Development Category: News Date of Publication May 7, 2020 Children are our future. Not only as parents, but as a community. We know that a child’s brain is malleable and a focus on child development has tremendous individual and societal effects. Because parental care and stress has lasting impact on…

We Love Your Enthusiasm and Commitment!

We Love Your Enthusiasm and Commitment! Category: News March 11, 2020 Each year, one Any Baby Can employee is honored with the Ruth Wells Award, recognizing his or her commitment to service, passion for our work and clients, and dedication to our mission. The award is named after Ruth Wells, a Family Education Instructor who…

Our Vision: Prioritizing Healthy Families

Our Vision: Prioritizing Healthy Families Category: News January 10, 2020 Everyone has a different definition of what it means to “be healthy.” That could mean exercising or eating healthy foods; it could mean taking vitamins or going to annual well checks. In broad terms, being “healthy” means making choices that improve your overall health. Choosing…

The Joy of Family-to-Family Giving

The Joy of Family-to-Family Giving Category: News December 19, 2019 Family Giving Opportunity Gifts certainly are not the only part of the holiday season. The holidays are about family, togetherness, sharing gratitude and reflecting on faith and tradition. But for families who may be feeling overwhelmed or having to make decisions about paying medical bills,…

Our Vision: Empowering Parents

Our Vision: Empowering Parents Category: News November 14, 2019 Over the last year, we engaged in a strategic planning process to clarify our commitment to the community and our role in helping clients achieve family well-being. We honed in on a vision of the community that we aspire to create: A community that empowers parents,…

Skills and Confidence for the Future

Skills and Confidence for the Future Category: News September 17, 2019 Roxana wants the best for her family. As a single mom, she works hard, has heaps of ambition, and strives to be a good role model for her three kids. She understands her children innately and loves them deeply. Her daughter Alondra is her oldest…

New Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities

New Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities Category: News September 4, 2019 This month marks the end of our 40th anniversary celebrations and the start of our new fiscal year. Over the last several months, Any Baby Can has been engaged in a strategic planning process led by Mission Capital. We gathered data, conducted a client…


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