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About Any Baby Can

Any Baby Can is a Central Texas nonprofit that partners with families to overcome obstacles and achieve well-being. With programs that meet clients where they are – at home, work or school – Any Baby Can helps build stability, develop skills and navigate systems so children and families reach their full potential.


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Any Baby Can is a leader in parent education, family health and child development programs in Central Texas.

Small baby formula shipment comes to Austin — how it will be distributed

In Central Texas, the new, small shipment from Adler’s office will go to nonprofit Any Baby Can. The organization told KXAN it is distributing the formula at upcoming community events in collaboration with the Community Resiliency Trust and El Buen Samaritano. Read more

One Stellar Night Raises $180,000 For Families In Central Texas

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, guests gathered at Q2 Stadium’s Lexus Club for Any Baby Can’s much-awaited One Stellar Night Spring event. After a two-year hiatus from in-person events, longtime Any Baby Can supporters were overjoyed to reconnect at the event. Read more

The nonprofit, Any Baby Can, makes a big difference for this Austin mom

Life has not been easy for Elise Bliss, but she reached out for help and received much more than she expected. The nonprofit, Any Baby Can, continues to make a difference in her life. So much so, she's now paying it forward. Read more

Season for Caring, Natalia Castillo: Every day brings blessings for mom of fragile child

Natalia Castillo has a motto: “It may be a bad day, but it’s not a bad life.” Castillo says this philosophy has become even more a part of her outlook since her daughter Mariana was born in 2019 with a rare neuromuscular genetic disorder. Mariana could not swallow, and a month into her hospitalization she was put on a ventilator. Castillo was faced with a difficult choice: Should she go through with a tracheostomy so her daughter could breathe, or should she take her off the ventilator and let her go? Read more

The Life-Changing Gift of Hearing Aids: Matti's Story

An estimated 15% of school-age children in the United States live with hearing issues, and the number in adolescents is rising. Matti, age 11, of Gatesville, Texas, is among them, and struggled not only with auditory function but also with the price of care. Her journey, however, took an amazing turn due to a connection made through a doctor’s office. Read more

Camp Grey Dove: A Central Texas camp for kids with a sibling battling cancer

Typically, the camp has traditional summer camp activities like swimming, a ropes course, scavenger hunts, archery, and a talent show. However, due to COVID-19, this year it was a virtual camp experience. Children and youth received a “camp in a box” with a T-shirt, materials, snacks, and a schedule of activities. Read more

Addressing Maternal Health Inequities: Early Intervention Matters and it Works!

In this episode, I sat down with Veronda Durden of Any Baby Can and she shared insights as well as some of the great work her team is doing to make a difference around maternal health inequities in Central Texas! Read more

Austin mom grows from living on the streets to giving back

A single mom here in Austin completely turned her life around, from living on the streets to giving back to her community. She credits her daughter and the nonprofit, Any Baby Can, for making a huge difference in her life. Read more

Online therapy for babies and toddlers with delays often works well — but funding isn’t keeping up with the need

Experts say the pandemic has created a unique Catch-22 for early intervention: While some children have missed out on therapies, the sessions are more accessible than ever. Read more

Veronda Durden Talks Anti-racism With Hippo

In celebration of Black History Month, Hippo was honored to have Austin luminary Veronda Durden tell us about her incredible career, as well as the challenges she faces as a Black woman in America. The president and CEO of Any Baby Can, Veronda is an accomplished, integrity-driven innovator nationally recognized for her ability to work effectively with diverse organizations. Read more

Renee Milam: Medical needs mount for mom, four kids

Renee Milam knows adversity very well. All too well, in fact, because it’s been her constant companion for most of her life. The 36-year-old single mother of four — all of whom have developmental differences or other medical issues — has faced all manner of drama and turmoil in her life but has kept her head about her. Read more

$2 million grant expands Any Baby Can’s outreach to pregnant, new mothers

Austin’s Any Baby Can has secured a $2 million grant from United Health Foundation to expand its Nurse-Family Partnership program with the goal of reducing maternal and infant mortality in Texas. The program pairs a high-risk, first-time pregnant mom with a nurse from the time the mom is in her 28th week of pregnancy to the when the baby turns 2. Read more

$1.8M coming to Austin-area nonprofits to help families impacted by the economic crisis

“There’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty,” said Veronda Durden, President and CEO of Any Baby Can in Austin. The nonprofit served about 3,200 clients last year. Durden told KXAN the All Together ATX funding will allow them to serve 100 more people and help them with their basic needs. She said challenges nonprofits face during times like this is having to turn away clients. “We don’t want to be in a position to have to do that,” Durden explained. Read more

Any Baby Can and Austin company help miracle baby, Kira, and her family

Mom and dad were told she would not survive birth, but she did and now she's a thriving toddler. Any Baby Can, has been helping them since she was just 2 months old with various therapies. Allison Miller met up with Dustin, Victoria, and their 19-month-old, Kira, to see how our Austin community is making a difference in her life. Read more

Family with many medical needs getting home repairs from Simply Sold

The Overtons are part of the Statesman’s Season for Caring program, which each year highlights the needs of 12 families and helps hundreds of others through local nonprofits. The Overtons were nominated by Any Baby Can. Their children’s medical debt has ballooned to $24,000. Because they have diverted so much of their attention and budget toward their children’s medical needs, the Overtons have half-completed home improvement projects. Read more

Making a Difference: Miracle Baby – Helping a Family Facing an Uncertain Future

Simon receives specialized skills training and behavioral, cognition, and speech therapies through Any Baby Can’s Early Childhood Intervention services. We don’t know what the future holds for Simon. But mom says that Any Baby Can is helping them capitalize on the moments that Simon has and giving him a chance to thrive today. Read more

Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office Awards Over $13.5 Million to Expand Local Programs

The Nurse-Family Partnership National Service Office presented these Incentive Fund Awards to local network partners that have been successfully changing outcomes for moms and babies in poverty. Read more

‘It’s crazy how much progress he’s made.’ ECI providers push for more funding

“Over the last several years, we’ve seen a decrease in funding for the ECI programs at the state level,” added Veronda Durden, the CEO and president of Any Baby Can. “Over the last several years, the impact to the cost to provide services has increased, and so we’re having to look to other funding sources to fill the gap between the cost to run the program and what the State of Texas provides.” Read more

Grand Opening At The Village Of San Marcos Is Friday

The campus, located at 215 S. Reimer Avenue in San Marcos, will add facilities for Community Action, Inc. of Central Texas, Any Baby Can/ Early Childhood Intervention, the Family Justice Center, and the Women, Infants and Children Program, The 29-acre campus also includes sports fields for youth and a future site for the Hays County Food Bank. Read more

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We focus on a whole-family approach to creating stability and addressing physical, developmental and emotional well-being



We educate, motivate and empower parents so that families can overcome challenges and children can reach their full potential.

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We are leaders who are passionate about family well-being, parent education and child development programs and services.