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Everyone has a Part to Play

The health and success of a child is influenced by a variety of factors, including the social support their parents receive.
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Child, Family and Community

Anthony DeGraw from Integris and Any Baby Can’s Isabel Cobo discuss the connection between child, family and community.
Any Baby Can group of staff and partners

Collaboration to Best Serve Families

In order to deliver on our mission and provide a well-rounded approach to a family’s needs, we work with community groups and develop partnerships with organizations
Isabel, the Ruth Wells Award Winner 2022, in orange with her teammates and coworkers beside her in an exterior.

Commitment and Passion

Isabel Cobo wins the 2022 Ruth Wells Award, recognizing her commitment to early intervention for children in Central Texas.
Our Volunteer Coordinator with our CHCP volunteers.

Volunteering That Makes an Impact

Our volunteers are passionate about helping parents and children, and shared 1,700 hours of their time and talent with us this year.
Infant with headband in a car with bumblebees in the foreground with flowers in the background.

Mental Health at Every Visit

Any Baby Can is supporting the mental health of parents in all of our programs, at all of our visits to provide comprehensive, whole family support.
Staff members with encouraging signs at a Healthy Fair Start graduation.

Building a Sense of Community

Our sense of community comes from one common interest: your child. And this community plays a vital role in parental success and family well-being.

A Platform and a Voice

Two clients join our board, adding voice and depth of perspective. These women bring valuable professional experience and personal experience to strengthen our work supporting families and children.

The Role and Need for Community

Community plays a role in family health and, more broadly, in family well-being. A family’s network helps improve health equity, access to health resources, and lives of children, parents and caregivers.


We foster strong, resilient families to reach their full potential. We adapt and respond as the needs of families in our community evolve.