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August 28, 2023

Employee Recognition

Any Baby Can is committed to excellence in service and so is every person who works on staff. Our team consists of talented nurses, case managers, therapists, accountants, operations, outreach professionals and so much more, without whom we wouldn’t be able to work towards our vision of to create a community that empowers parents, prioritizes healthy families, and invests in child development.

The Ruth Wells Award is one way we recognize staff’s dedication and passion. Ruth Wells, a parenting class instructor, has been with Any Baby Can for 39+ years and embodies our guiding values and core principles.

This is an extra special year as Ruth announces her retirement from Any Baby Can. She has been a true ambassador to the programs and services we provide. Ruth has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands of families and their children in Central Texas during her tenure, first with CEDEN and then Any Baby Can. Her legacy lives on through this award.

Cora Cramer, Certified Parent Educator

The winner of the 2023 Ruth Wells Award is Cora Cramer!

Cora has been a Certified Parent Educator with our Healthy and Fair Start program since 2017. Her commitment to serving families is visible in her daily work. She’s able to build a solid rapport and trust with each parent as they work towards and achieve their goals.

“I feel blessed that I get to help families and have the support of everyone at Any Baby can who has helped me do what I believe is my life’s calling: help people be the best parents they can be. It changes the lives of those families, their children and the whole community,” said Cora Cramer upon receiving the Ruth Wells award.

Cora is a steadfast source of innovative ideas for improving service delivery and a reliable support for new employees. She was also awarded the Ambassador Stellar Award in 2022, which recognizes an Any Baby Can employee who demonstrate outstanding leadership and contributions to the agency.

Cora is able to connect with her clients, no matter what season of life they’re in. Current and past clients will attest that Cora has played an essential role in the success of their family and the personal growth as a parent. Here is an example of what one client shared:

"Our Parent Educator, Cora, has been there for our family since our twin girls were newborns and now as active and curious little toddlers. When we were overwhelmed and stressed, we felt safe and secure knowing that Cora was willing and ready to offer guidance, reassurance, and be a caring, reliable resource including learning about what to expect, child growth and development, health, various activities, and relationship support. She has and continues to make a difference in our lives!"

Hear from One of Cora’s Clients


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