A Vision More Powerful Than Ever

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November 9, 2020

Our vision of creating a community that empowers parents, prioritizes healthy families, and invests in child development has taken on renewed meaning and purpose over the last year.

For families who faced significant life challenges before the Coronavirus, things have only gotten harder. Parents are feeling overwhelmed, undervalued and increasingly stretched thin. Health concerns are magnified, and new attention is brought to families’ physical well-being. Barriers to health services have grown. School closures and virtual learning have amplified inequities in our children’s education and development.

Many of our clients are particularly vulnerable. We serve families who have:

  • Immunocompromised children or kids with challenging diagnoses that require medical appointments.
  • Essential jobs and cannot stay home.
  • Pregnant mothers or parents with infants, who are concerned for their well-being and lack access to basic support.
  • Multi-generational homes, where older populations may be at risk.

The core of our work is the same: show up for each person in support of whole family well-being. We partner with families to overcome challenges and support the health and development of their children. We do this by offering professional guidance with a fun, educational, adaptable approach.

A Strong Bond and Partnership

Inherent in our work is always a degree of flexibility and creativity in partnering with individual families and addressing their unique circumstances. We meet families where they are: physically, emotionally, developmentally and culturally. And that has taken on new meaning in the current environment. We fulfill clients’ underlying needs—whether it’s internet connection, job or housing stability, or emotional resilience—to better deliver our high-quality, individualized services.

Any Baby Can utilizes a parent-coaching model that prioritizes communication and parent involvement. This has always been a critical piece of how we deliver our services and achieve our mission, but it is even more important now. Our partnership with parents makes telehealth not only possible, but also a meaningful and rewarding experience for families.

Prioritize Whole Family Well-Being

Families are stretched thin and many need additional support with things like their child’s development, medical appointments, family relationships and basic needs. We’re seeing increased demand for our support services including mental health counseling, and financial planning and assistance.

Our whole-family approach is more meaningful than ever, as families’ lives are increasingly intertwined: school and home; work and childcare; individual choices and community health.

Even in challenging times, Any Baby Can is committed to our bold vision and we’ll continue to create stability within families and across our community.


How Programs Adapted

We continue to adapt our services as the needs of our clients and community evolve.

Approach to Telehealth

The parent coaching model inherent in our programs has eased the transition to telehealth.

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