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December 14, 2020

Client Survey Reveals Value and Need for Services

At Any Baby Can, we believe in the continuous evaluation of service performance and client satisfaction. We have a dedicated Data, Reporting, and Evaluation team committed to tracking and measuring program impact. We not only look at the number of clients served through our various programs, but we also conduct client surveys to get a better understanding of how our families are doing and what they’re able to achieve due in part to the support they receive from Any Baby Can.

While many programs have their own independent surveys, we also conduct an agency-wide client survey for the last few years. The client survey focuses on identifying ways that the agency’s activities ultimately impact client’s lives and the community.

Families Value Our Staff and Services

2020 Client FeedbackIn this last survey, families told us that they feel supported in all areas that we looked at, including family relationships, child development, parent confidence, and preparing for their family’s future. These are some of the results:

91% of client survey respondents say that their relationship with their child has improved. For our Spanish-speaking families, that number was 99%.

And 97% of respondents report feeling more knowledgeable about child development.

Importantly, open-ended feedback highlighted the importance of the relationships our staff build with parents and children. Words like “passionate,” “professional,” “committed” and “encouraging” were frequently mentioned when describing our staff.

"They always treat me and my family with respect, kindness and love! They are very knowledgeable in their areas and really helped my kiddo grow and meet goals and milestones."

Early Childhood Intervention Client, 2020


"Any Baby Can is doing everything well! Empathic counseling, open communication, smooth scheduling, professionalism and kindness."

CARE/Candlelighters Client, 2020


"My parent educator has been most helpful and is always looking for more ways to help me."

Healthy & Fair Start Client, 2020


"My nurse has helped me more than I can ever thank her for. I feel like a good mom and she is really the only person I can depend on and talk to. I feel so blessed to have gotten into this program. I couldn’t have done it without y'all."

Nurse-Family Partnership Client, 2020


"Any Baby Can as an organization, including our case manager and each therapist, greets our family in every encounter with a smile and an attitude of "let's do this!". They want the best for our two year old, and help us help her reach her potential. They help us by sharing knowledge, offering positive feedback on things we are doing well, guide us through new learning curves, and acknowledge when things are hard. They have been a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and our strongest cheerleaders."

Early Childhood Intervention Client, 2020


Survey Results Request Increased Services

We hear near-unanimous enthusiasm for our programs and the impact they have on the lives of the families we serve. In this year's client survey, the biggest area of feedback we received was around need for increased services: length of visits, frequency of visits, and length of enrollment in the program. And while we would love nothing more than to see our clients more often (and sometimes do, when circumstances call for it), our home-visitation programs are evidence-based models that provide a specific curriculum. These models—such as Parents as Teachers and Nurse-Family Partnership—have proven effectiveness through independent research and guide the way we offer programs.

However, we do recognize that each family is unique. When our clients need us most, like when a child may regress developmentally or a family is confronted with a new crisis, our staff always put the family first and adjust to families’ needs, including increasing services.

During the pandemic, we have provided care kits and activity kits, and connected families to food, diapers and other critical resources. When we look at the results of the survey and all the ways we measure effectiveness, we’re reminded of the people—the kids, parents and family members—who make our work meaningful and rewarding.


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