Client Stories

Client stories demonstrate the power of Any Baby Can services on families throughout Central Texas.

From Client to Volunteer

Once an Any Baby Can client, our volunteer Anna has found a meaningful way to support other parents.

Peace of Mind During Pregnancy

With the right tools and knowledge, Sophie was able to take more control of her health during pregnancy.

Young Mom Inspires Others

Once this young mom felt seen and validated in her experience, she was able to inspire others on their journey.

Season for Caring: Meet the Romero Family

Amari was born prematurely at 25 weeks with a variety of developmental delays and physical impairments. Mom Leslie is grateful to have a Certified Parent Educator by her side.

You Don’t Have to Parent Alone

Even if you have family support, getting connected to the right people can benefit your mental health.

A New Life Emerging

When an unimaginable accident upturns this family’s life, community support grows around them.
Volunteer Travis with Family

Commitment to Fatherhood and Giving Back

Taking one of our fatherhood classes gave Travis a chance to share a safe space with other parents in a way that he hadn’t experienced before.
Photos of girl and her family

Lost Time and Missed Milestones

When Cassidy was released from the NICU, she had missed four crucial months of development. With the help of in-home therapies, her family is thriving.
Dad helping son with therapy activities

A Dad’s Special Bond

Ryan has a special bond with his dad, and it's helping with his therapy. As a team, they’ve made great strides with Ryan's development.

You Were Meant to Be My Nurse

Someday Aaliyah will hear the story of her dramatic arrival into the world. Someday she’ll know the story behind her middle name and about the nurse that supporter her family through thick and thin.

Everything Stopped So Abruptly

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Christina felt overwhelmed. With her son's recent autism diagnosis, she counted on her parent educator to provide some stability.

First-Time Mom Finds Positivity Through Support

First-Time Mom Finds Positivity Through Support Category: Client Story March 4, 2020 Mary was ready to start a family. She was 24 and, although her life wasn’t exactly perfect, Mary knew she wanted to become a mother. When she found out she was pregnant, a friend connected her to Any Baby Can’s Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)…

A Struggle is Temporary

A Struggle is Temporary Category: Client Story January 27, 2020 There are points in our lives that define us and our life’s story. Whether or not we realize it at the time, the choices we make during those defining points guide us on a path, and reveal our character and purpose. Fatima’s journey was defined…

Season for Caring: Meet the Overton Family

Season for Caring: Meet the Overton Family Category: Client Story December 11, 2019 Nicole and Brandon are thoughtful, resourceful, loving parents to their four children. They like to play board games together and watch their oldest son’s baseball games. And with four boys, you can feel the energy and playfulness as soon as you walk…

A Rainbow Baby Brings Hope

A Rainbow Baby Brings Hope Category: Client Story December 3, 2019 Any Baby Can is dedicated to improving the lives of Central Texas families. Our  home-based services support families at every step of the way. One client, Ivette, was able to change her baby’s trajectory, and her  mindset, thanks to a variety of Any Baby…

Early Intervention for Kayden

Early Intervention for Kayden Category: Client Story September 26, 2019 Sometimes a serendipitous meeting can change the course of someone’s life. And this was the case for Kayden, a two-year-old boy in Llano County near Austin. Last summer, Lauretta, a physical therapist on our Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) team, was providing therapy to a young…

New country, new challenges, new tools

New country, new challenges, new tools Category: Client Story August 27, 2019 Eight-year-old Adam and his family immigrated to the United States from the United Arab Emirates a few years ago. They were excited to experience a new culture, language, foods and friendships. They didn’t expect one of the things they were looking forward to…

From NICU to Hospice to Kindergarten

Gerardo received therapies to improve his development, as well as medical case management, all in the comfort of his own home.


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