Client Stories

Client stories demonstrate the power of Any Baby Can services on families throughout Central Texas.

Support for Parents in the Early Years

With the support of her Certified Parent Educator, Ashley finds it much easier to parent her daughter through those early years.

Therapies Help Kids Defy Expectations

In the face of complex medical needs, a mom's unwavering love helps her daughter defy expectations with the support of pediatric therapy.

What Dads Need in Parenthood

A dad shares how Any Baby Can prepared him for the birth of his son, and gave him a safe space to process emotions, decisions, and stress.

Meet the Jerome Family

The Jeromes have been through loss, physical challenges, medical diagnoses and more with their seven kids. They are grateful to have Any Baby Can by their side.

Decades After Early Intervention

Katrina was connected to early intervention (ECI) to address her daughter’s low muscle tone with physical and occupational therapy. But she gained much more than pediatric therapies.

Find Strength in Fatherhood

Discover the benefits of parenting classes for dads and how they positively impact relationships, emotional well-being, and parenting styles.

Benefits of a Parent Educator

When Raquel was pregnant, she knew what kind of parent she wanted to be, but she didn’t quite know how to get there.

From Client to Volunteer

Once an Any Baby Can client, our volunteer Anna has found a meaningful way to support other parents.

Peace of Mind During Pregnancy

With the right tools and knowledge, Sophie was able to take more control of her health during pregnancy.

The Right Support at the Right Time

Elise knows the impact of parental stressors on a child, which extends into adulthood. She’s creating a life she loves through timely, comprehensive support.
Castillo family photos

Season for Caring: Meet the Castillo Family

Mariana was born with a neuromuscular disorder. Her mom and grandmother work with Any Baby Can’s Nurse-Family Partnership and Early Childhood Intervention services to give her the best life possible.
Melissa with Randy (approx 3 years old) in her kitchen

The Power of Hope

Randy graduated from Early Childhood Intervention 14 years ago, but the foundations established during those early years have set him up for success.

What Parents Can Do for a Child’s Development

With some parent coaching and a lot of motivation, this family learned to support their child’s learning and development, during and between sessions.
Two siblings sitting one another while waiting to go to Camp Grey Dove.

Childhood Cancer: Grief and Gratitude

With support from those around them, families affected by childhood cancer find comfort and stability during a time of emotional and financial stress.
A collage of a young child who has experienced hearing loss, through Any Baby Can her family is able to afford hearing aids and she has began playing a few instruments. The first picture the child appears in a hospital bed with her ears wrapped post-surgery. The middle picture is a close-up of her hearing aid. She is seen holding a guitar in the final picture.

Hearing Loss, Confidence Gain

After unexpected setbacks, Angela and Matti were connected with Any Baby Can, and found new confidence and support in their journey with childhood hearing loss.
Black Maternal Health

Rising Above Inequities in Maternal Health

Jewel’s courage and strength shines in the face of obstacles during her pregnancy, and her story highlights disparities in maternal health care.
Kelly and daughter "I don't know how I could have become this stable in my life without Any Baby Can." - Kelly

Tips and Tech to Meet Life Goals

With the support of her parent eduator and resources provided by Any Baby Can, Kelly has been able to continue telehealth services, finish her education and keep her life goals on track while raising her daughter.

Living in Joy as a First-Time Mom

Megan’s commitment to her daughter and her family has changed the course of her own life, thanks in part to the people she has met along the way.


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