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Alejandra and two of her kids

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November 30, 2020

A Mother's Personal Growth

Many of our clients feel overworked and under-appreciated. That’s how Alejandra felt when she first came to Any Baby Can 15 years ago. As a single mom to two young daughters, she was doing as much as she could to support her kids, but it never felt like enough. Much less on her own personal growth.

Throughout her life, Alejandra knew that education was key; school was an outlet. She was a good student and felt supported by her teachers more than at home. However, her family struggled and she never went to college. Instead, she’s spent years working at fast food restaurants, trying to navigate the world around her.

After her second daughter was born, she was referred to Any Baby Can’s Healthy & Fair Start program to help her daughter meet milestones. And she finally felt part of something bigger.

"Once I met Any Baby Can, I felt supported as a mother, as a woman and as a human being. They helped me learn to speak for myself, to advocate for my children, to understand the systems in this country," Alejandra shares.

Alejandra learned how to better support her daughters’ development and get them ready for school. Through it all, she worked on her personal growth, goals and confidence.

With her own childhood trauma and difficult relationships to process, Alejandra met with one of our counselors to face the anxiety and depression that was holding her back. She was connected to a therapist in our No Estás Solo program, who helped her see her own worth and value, and for the first time in her life, Alejandra felt like her voice was important. Always eager to grow and learn, she signed up for our parenting classes, too.

Single Mom Feels Empowered

In 2013, when her son was born and faced developmental delays, Alejandra came back to Any Baby Can’s Early Childhood Intervention program. She faced postpartum depression after his birth, and received maternal mental health counseling and participated in a new mom support group. When her family hit hard times, she was also provided with financial assistance through our Family Support Services program.

Like all parents, Alejandra wants to bring out the best in each of her kids. Her oldest daughter is studying psychology at the University of Texas – San Antonio; the first in her family to attend college. Her middle daughter is getting ready to graduate high school and has her sight set on top-tier universities. Her son, now 7 years old, is happy, silly and thriving.

Alejandra is taking classes at Austin Community College to pursue a new career as a translator for families involved with medical and school systems. She also volunteers her time with local nonprofits fighting poverty. She’s a role model to her children and shows us that investing in family has enduring, multi-generational effects.

"My kids now have a mom who is not afraid to handle things herself. She is brave and able to ask for help when it’s needed. She is strong and confident. I cannot believe that she is me!" says Alejandra.


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