Programs and Services to Strengthen Your Family

Any Baby Can guides parents in building confidence, nurturing relationships, and planning for the future so that children — and their entire families — can reach their full potential.

Children with Cancer and Other Medical Needs

We provide support, medical case management and resource navigation for families of children with a special healthcare need.

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CARE and Candlelighters

Any Baby Can provides comfort, hope and respite to families with children who have special healthcare needs or are coping with cancer. Together, we create an effective advocacy team to support the entire family as they meet the challenges ahead.

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Children’s Hearing Aid Texas

A child’s communication is critical for learning and development. If a child has hearing loss and does not receive adequate support they can experience challenges with speaking, reading, school success and social skills. Any Baby Can is here to assist families every step of the way.

Children with Developmental Delays

We help children with developmental delays reach their full potential and increase parents’ knowledge, skills and ability to support their child.

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Early Childhood Intervention

Through in-home services such as occupational, physical and speech therapy; specialized skills training; resource navigation and case management, our team helps build the child’s skills and increase their parents’ knowledge, skills and ability to support their child.

Expecting Parents and Parents of Young Children

We help pregnant women and new parents improve their family’s self-sufficiency and encourage preventive health practices.

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Healthy and Fair Start

Using a nationally recognized curriculum called Parents as Teachers, Any Baby Can works alongside parents to create stable and safe family environments, increase school readiness and encourage parental involvement in school and community.

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Nurse-Family Partnership

Beginning in early pregnancy, first-time pregnant mothers are matched with a free, personal nurse to guide them through pregnancy and becoming a parent.

Moms and Dads Seeking Parenting Classes

We provide parenting and childbirth classes that give parents the tools, skills and confidence to raise a healthy family.

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Family Education Program

We offer a variety of parenting classes and tutoring opportunities to guide first-time and experienced parents through the journey of parenthood.

Any Baby Can is a proud provider of the Nurturing Parenting Program®.

Parents, Caregivers and Youth in Need of Emotional Support

We provide a safe space to explore and process life’s challenges with the support of a licensed therapist.

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No Estás Solo

Any Baby Can clients who currently receive our home visitation services are eligible for our mental health counseling program, No Estás Solo, which means “you are not alone” in Spanish.

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“Because our nurses are in clients’ homes, we get to help mothers focus on their strengths, understand their child’s needs, and focus on their life goals. We witness their amazing resiliency. Their children are positively impacted by that nurturing relationship.”

Sandra G., RN, BSN, Nurse-Family Partnership Supervisor

"Any Baby Can has given my family a sense of hope."

Evelyn, Dante's mother