Parenting Tips & Activities

Parenting tips and parent-child activities that promote learning and development, as well as encourage bonding and attachment.

Make Animal Face Plates: Joint Attention

This paper plate activity is inexpensive and easy to do, plus it encourages joint attention and working together on a task.

Nurturing Family Rituals & Routines

Family rituals help you think about your daily routine in a new way: as possible moments of connection.

Shaving Cream Play Activity

There are great developmental benefits to sensory play, like this shaving cream activity from our Healthy and Fair Start program.
Pregnant Woman with nurse on couch

Advocate for Your Body and Your Blood Pressure

To safely monitor blood pressure in pregnancy, moms should understand what’s normal for your body, ask the right questions, and know when and how to express concern.
A collage of containing 3 rectangles: (Left to Right) First and second rectangle: Toddler plays with homemade play dough 3. ingredients for making play dough.

Sensory Activity: DIY Playdough

Parent-child activities, like making playdough, build a child’s ability to process sensory input and are great for bonding.
Toddler and mother crouched in front of body of water with binoculars and a net ready to explore!

Nature Walk: Bonding and Development

Through parent-child activities like the nature walk, families can promote their kids’ development and encourage bonding.

Tummy Time and Brain Development

Learn tummy time and floor time techniques for babies zero to six months that encourage bonding and proper development.
Parent educator demonstrating Clap, Tap, Rap activity in our Healthy & Fair Start.

Parent-Child Activity: Learning Through Play

Children learn through play! This simple parent-child activity helps kids notice and copy patterns, and practice waiting their turn.
Parent educator looks at materials for the DIY roller book parent-child activity

Parent-Child Activity: Learning and Moving

This parent-child activity encourages bonding while developing gross and fine motor skills and building language skills.
Young childing writing with the help of their father.

The Father You Choose to Be

If you are a father—or a grandfather, male caregiver or other father figure in the family—don’t take the role lightly. Tips for being the father you choose to be.
Mom, staff and baby practicing sign

First Steps When a Child is Hard of Hearing

There are many resources for families who have just found out their child is deaf or hard of hearing. Soon you’ll find ways to embrace a new way of life, one with many beautiful surprises.
Staff working with child and parents

Parent Coaching Ideas You Can Use

Any Baby Can's parent coaching model empowers parents with skills and confidence that can be transferred to many parts of life.
Mother and daughter washing hands

More Harmony, Less Stress with Family Rules

Create practical family rules to improve kids’ cooperation and reduce the need for discipline in your home.
Parent's hand helping child

Will social distance affect my child’s development?

Parents are worried about how being away from peers will affect their kids socially, emotionally and developmentally. But there are practical steps you can take to support your child’s development and keep social distance.

Understanding Your Child’s Reaction to Crisis, by Age Group

Everyone is stressed right now – kids and adults alike. Learn how children of different ages respond to crises in their own unique ways.

Parents, Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Tips for parents to help their kids cope with the impact of COVID-19, starting with prioritizing your own needs.

Tips for Developing Personal Power

Building positive personal power is referred to as “empowerment.” For many of our clients, this can be a daunting task.

Handling Stress in Parenthood

Any Baby Can’s Family Education Program uses the research-based Nurturing Parenting curriculum, which is proven to increase positive parenting behaviors such as parents’ sense of self-worth, attachment and empowerment.


Our expert staff share some of their favorite at-home activities to help you support your child’s growth and development. Plus they’re fun!

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