5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Any Baby Can

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January 30, 2024

We help families in many ways. Being teamed up with Any Baby Can means you can get help with parenting, therapies for children, support after having a baby, and more. When a family only participates in one service, they may not know about all that Any Baby Can offers.

Here are a few ways our clients can get the most out of their relationship with Any Baby Can!

Visit our welcome page and sign up for the newsletter.

When you join Any Baby Can, you receive an email with a link to our welcome page. On this page, you can sign up for our newsletter that is just for families enrolled in our services. We keep you up-to-date on events, class schedules, parenting tips and so much more.

If you don’t already, you can also follow us on social media where we share activities, articles about child health and development, behind-the-scenes with our staff and lots more!

Take part in community-building events.

We have events for each program and some that are open to all Any Baby Can families. These are great networking opportunities, and help families build a support group of parents who are going through similar things. One example is our Moms Connect group, which is open to ALL pregnant or new mothers in the Austin area (bring a friend)! We have fun, weekly activities, including yoga, nutrition classes, Thinkery days, and more. Find more info on our site or email NESIntake@anybabycan.org if you have any questions.

If you’re a current client, you can ask your case manager or nurse about any upcoming events.

Find eligibility for other programs.

Are you in Nurse-Family Partnership but not sure about your child’s development? Ask about Early Childhood Intervention.

Does your child have medical needs or a new diagnosis that we could support you with? Comprehensive Advocacy and Resources for Empowerment may be a good fit.

Is your child about to graduate or age out of Early Childhood Intervention or Nurse-Family Partnership? Consider joining our Healthy and Fair Start program.

Have you taken a parenting class with us?

If you’re not sure, ask if there are any other programs you may qualify for, or give our front desk a call and we’ll be able to help!

Get support with other areas of life.

We have connections and partnerships that help you find resources in the community like insurance, schools, doctor referrals and more. We work with groups of organizations, like the Ready Families Collaborative, which means we can help families connect with other nonprofits, early childhood programs, or other basic supports like food and housing.

Prioritize your mental health.

If you’ve been thinking about therapy for yourself or someone in your family and you’re already an Any Baby Can client, ask about our counseling services.

We use a sliding scale for pricing, and accept some types of insurance. We have English- and Spanish-speaking counselors available, as well as translation services. Don't let cost or language be a barrier to getting the help you need.

With the wait for many mental health providers being so long (and even longer if you need a Spanish-speaking therapist), Any Baby Can services can be a great way to start your journey toward better mental health.

If you’re not sure if Any Baby Can is able to help you with something outside of the service you’re receiving, just ask! Our staff members are knowledgeable and want to help you and your family thrive.


Get advice to promote learning and development while bonding with your kids.

Read about our high-quality, in-home services for families.

Get more information and request services for yourself or someone else.


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