Our 2016 Ruth Wells Award Winner


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December 12, 2016

For three years, we have gathered as an Any Baby Can team, and in many ways a family, to select one employee whose performance and dedication have been truly remarkable. Based on demonstrations of commitment to service, passion for their work and our clients, and dedication to the mission of Any Baby Can, team members nominate their peers for the Ruth Wells Award. Please help us congratulate our 2016 Ruth Wells Award recipient – Violeta Mendoza!

Violeta is our Medical Billing Manager within the finance department here at Any Baby Can. She works in constant collaboration with Medicaid, private insurance, and other financial health assistance programs.

“Our goal is always to help parents raise healthy and happy children,” says Violeta. “I make that happen by bringing in money for the programs offered.”

The most rewarding part of Violeta’s work is seeing the impact of revenue on the programs Any Baby Can offers, including in-home physical, occupational and speech therapies. However, changes in funding, like the Medicaid rate cut going into effect on December 15, can make the work challenging to keep up with.

“This award means believing in the mission, vision, and team at Any Baby Can,” says Violeta. “Ruth has been here so long and her heart beats for Any Baby Can – she represents Any Baby Can in the best way possible. Accepting this award with her namesake is a real honor. ”

Violeta was selected to receive the award from a competitive pool of nominees. Although part of our administrative team, rather than direct client services, Violeta’s dedication to our mission caught the selection committee’s attention. Here’s a snippet of what Violeta’s co-workers had to say about her:

“It would be very easy for someone in Violeta’s position to detach and see herself as simply part of an administrative process. Instead, she knows the impact her work has on our clients and our ability to serve them and uses that as motivation for herself and her team. I have seen her take her leadership role as supervisor seriously and embrace the principles of motivating her team to do better, give honest and direct feedback and help them to grow and become more effective performers. When I think of Violeta, I think of someone who is not only growing, but someone who is leading by example… Just like Ruth, she is social and interested in her colleagues’ lives, and she shares freely her time to get to know her colleagues better. She is not one of those people who complains when things are not going well, but steps in to make things better.”

Violeta, on behalf of the entire Any Baby Can team, congratulations, and thank you!


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