Any Baby Can Goes to Europe!


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May 24, 2018

Any Baby Can Chief Programs Officer, Alexandra Alfau, took a short break from overseeing our programs to share her knowledge on early childhood intervention (ECI) with the Republic of Georgia! Georgia, a small country that borders Turkey Russia and Armenia, was a part of the Soviet Union but seceded in 1991. Alexandra was selected to present in Georgia because of her extensive experience in ECI programs; she has worked at Any Baby Can for nearly 30 years in various roles in the ECI department!

Alexandra collaborated with Emily Vargas-Baron on implementing and improving an ECI program in Georgia. Emily works in Washington D.C. for the Rise Institute and is an international consultant in early childhood development. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she also founded the organization that Any Baby Can emerged from – CEDEN! Alexandra says, “It’s a privilege” when asked about working on this project with Emily, “I’m very honored.”

After Emily completed the needs assessment in Georgia, Alexandra was ready to give her presentations to the ECI staff and the Minister who oversees the program. This trip was her second presentation and the topics she discussed were supervising and monitoring an ECI program. Alex hopes the knowledge she shared will help Georgia and they will benefit from seeing how others implement ECI.

Any Baby Can is so proud of Alexandra for influencing ECI programs all the way across the globe!  How amazing is it that Any Baby Can gets to leave their mark on an emerging program?


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