Volunteering That Makes an Impact

Our Volunteer Coordinator with our CHCP volunteers.

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April 8, 2022

Volunteer Opportunities

Although they’re often behind the scenes, our dedicated volunteers make it possible to deliver life-changing services to children and families throughout Central Texas. Volunteering with Any Baby Can is undoubtedly a rewarding, meaningful experience for groups, families, teams, and anyone who chooses us to give their time and talents.

While volunteer opportunities have changed over the last few years, one thing remains the same: Our volunteers are passionate about children’s health and development, want to empower parents, and always bring a great attitude to any task.

Experiences that Make an Impact

Volunteers impact every corner of our organization. We work with our service-delivery staff to identify and match volunteers with the right program or team. In many cases, volunteers help create experiences for our families, while not directly engaging with clients.

For example, we have remote volunteer experiences such as making cards, crafts, games, and blankets that staff give to families, as well as opportunities such as virtual story time and tutoring. Volunteer help organize gifts during the holidays, cheer on parents graduating from our programs, as well as with several other in-person events we host throughout the year. Additionally, some volunteers support our staff with a variety of office-related tasks including outreach, video editing and data organization. As a result, we're able to reach more clients and deliver services more effectively.

No matter how people choose to give back, our volunteer coordinator and agency staff make sure that everything runs smoothly!

Volunteer Spotlights


Allyson Cameron

How do you serve?

Any Baby Can has always worked with me to allow me to participate in administrative activities or other behind the scenes work that contributed to bigger events.

What did you take away?

Even if it seems like your schedule is too tight or skills won’t be useful, nonprofits appreciate your desire to help. Don’t hesitate to express that and work with them to provide a helping hand.


Abby Joy

How do you serve?

I volunteered virtually during the pandemic by calling clients to fill out their annual survey, during story time zoom event for kids, and by organizing gifts during the holiday season.

What did you take away?

These events and projects were meaningful because I got to interact with clients and the families. Any Baby Can truly cares about the parents and kids in Austin and serving them well. They do a great job of reaching a diverse community.

DSP Austin FTF Team Photo

Stephanie Taylor
All4 Team

How do you serve?

I volunteered as a part of my company’s team. We took on several of the craft projects ranging from filling sensory balloons with different materials designed to help in developing the sense of touch, creating colorful popsicle stick puzzles, and sewing animal hand puppets.

What did you take away?

Any Baby Can was able to offer us several options that allowed us to work together as a team. Team members enjoyed these projects so much that they took materials home with them and recruited family members to work on more projects for Any Baby Can!


Victoria Galbreath

How do you serve?

I've volunteered with Any Baby Can by taking part in a virtual story time, designing coloring/activity pages, and bowling for pumpkins project for children to do at home. In addition, I've helped with client outreach and also by contacting community organizations to reach more potential clients.

What did you take away?

These projects were meaningful because I got to create things to keep the children engaged through the pandemic. Any Baby Can unquestionably makes a difference and works with other organizations or qualified people to support families in the best way possible.

Volunteers: A Year in Review

Over the last year, nearly 100 volunteers have contributed more than 1,700 hours in support of our mission! They come from different backgrounds and have different skills but, together, we're able to impact the lives of nearly 3,000 parents and children through our services. Read more about volunteering at Any Baby Can and learn about your impact.

Infographic around our volunteers in FY 22.


Whether you’re looking for a one-time opportunity or a regularly scheduled activity, you can make a difference by volunteering with us.

We make it easy for you to share and fundraise for our mission, whether you're collecting donations online or at an event.

Spotlight on volunteers from Regents School of Austin, who adapted their service week due to pandemic restrictions.


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