Skills and Confidence for the Future


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September 17, 2019

Roxana wants the best for her family. As a single mom, she works hard, has heaps of ambition, and strives to be a good role model for her three kids. She understands her children innately and loves them deeply.

Her daughter Alondra is her oldest child. At 13, she’s faced a host of challenges, including epilepsy and intellectual disabilities. Alondra didn’t have insurance, she had limited access to speech and occupational therapy, she wasn’t able to see medical specialists, and she struggled in a special education program.

The family was getting by without some critical resources. Roxana thought this was just the way things were. She was hesitant to ask for help and was grateful for what they did have.

Then, the family was connected to Any Baby Can’s CARE program. Within a few months, the family experienced progress in their health, education and overall stability.

Alondra now has insurance coverage and she’s enrolled in a sleep study to address overnight seizures. She transferred to a charter school that better supports her needs and has been evaluated for speech and occupational therapy. She’s also built the self-confidence and self-reliance she’ll need for a strong and stable future.

In addition, Alondra’s siblings have benefitted from medical case management and mental health counseling services, and the family received support navigating housing issues.

Any Baby Can’s CARE program supports the entire family’s physical, emotional and financial well-being. Core to the process is equipping the family with the skills and confidence to affect their own future.

“I feel less alone. I have a supportive community of other moms. I am better at asking for what I need and standing up for my family,” says Roxana.

Roxana is empowered to advocate for herself and her family. She’s prepared to stand up for her family’s needs, identify resources and pursue opportunities. When her family’s apartment complex lost air conditioning in the heat of summer, Roxana explored her rights as a tenant and made necessary calls. She’s also taking English classes and has hopes of opening up her own business (she’s a wonderful baker!).

Any Baby Can made the impossible feel possible. The CARE team helped Roxana and her family build stability, navigate resources, and develop skills, creating a strong foundation for long-term well-being.


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