Single Mom Shines as Beacon of Hope


Category: Client Story

May 8, 2017

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’d like to take a little time to honor and celebrate the role of moms. This year, we highlight Elicia, a former Nurse-Family Partnership® client who inspires first-time moms with her own journey toward success.

When Elicia was just 19-years-old, she discovered she was three-months pregnant. With virtually no resources and nowhere to turn, she visited a women’s clinic that guided her to Any Baby Can.

Elicia learned that Any Baby Can’s NFP provides guidance, information, and referrals for counseling, while enhancing prenatal care, focusing on the child’s development and mother’s growth. She called for help, and was immediately matched with convenient home visitations from a licensed, registered nurse. Her nurse guided Elicia along the nuances of parenthood from pregnancy through her son Arrion’s second birthday.

Today, Elicia shares her story proudly with other moms enrolled in the NFP program to provide them with courage and hope.

“Elicia is a model participant of the NFP program,” says Any Baby Can President and CEO Andy Miller, “and embodies many of the values the program aims to instill. Most importantly, she has become a self-sufficient mother who continues to grow.”

This Mother’s Day, Elicia celebrates her own motherhood and is giving back to others by volunteering for an Any Baby Can evening of respite for moms.

To learn more about Elicia, and for the opportunity to help us support moms this Mother’s Day, watch the following video and consider a donation to Any Baby Can.



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