Season for Caring: Meet the Sherwoods


Category: Client Story

December 13, 2017

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen us post about Season for Caring these past few weeks. So, what exactly is Season for Caring, you ask? The Season for Caring campaign is an effort by the Austin American-Statesman’s Editorial and Community Development departments to raise funds and donations for Austin families in need, and the nonprofits that help them (including Any Baby Can!).

Since Season for Caring began 19 years ago, Austin American-Statesman readers have donated more than $10 million in cash, goods, and services to the families and nonprofits chosen by the Statesman. These donations have provided needs as basic as groceries and clothing to things as large (yet still very necessary) as a wheelchair accessible van and medical care. Make no mistake, when a person donates to Season for Caring, they are making a positive impact on Austin.

The Statesman has selected 12 families to spotlight for this year’s campaign, including Any Baby Can’s family, the Sherwoods. Each family goes through a rigorous selection process, so readers can rest assured that their donations are making the maximum impact possible. Our family for 2017 includes Trisha Sherwood and her two sons and daughter, Meaghan (20), Alden (16), and Jacob (13). Trisha was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2009, which rendered her wheel-chair bound for two years. Shortly before being diagnosed with MS, Trisha learned her son Jacob had been diagnosed with Asperger’s, which places him on the autism spectrum. Then in 2014, it was discovered her older son, Alden, had a cancerous tumor on his brain. The process of healing post-surgery has been difficult for Alden, and though he is in remission, he still cannot walk.

With the family’s combined medical bills, affording basic essentials such as rent, food, and medications is difficult for Trisha, a single mom. Season for Caring gives Austinites an opportunity to help Trisha and her sons overcome these challenges.

The Sherwoods also have a wish list of items that would help their family. It includes an accessible home that can be rented out to Section 9, preferably in the Round Rock School District; a wheelchair lift or ramp that is compatible with a Dodge Journey; a mobility or wheelchair assistance trained dog; massage therapy for Trisha, which will help alleviate painful MS symptoms; and archery range time gift certificates at Austin Archery Country for Alden, who is an avid archer.



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