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October 24, 2022

Need for Social Support

A common myth perpetuated in our society is that raising a child is an individual responsibility—an obligation for the parent. There’s no question that parenting affects the development and life-long success of children. Whether it’s a biological parent, an adoptive parent or a family member who is the primary caregiver, parents play a critical role in the health and well-being of their child. There’s no dispute that children benefit from the secure attachment to the adults in their lives.

However, parents are not solely responsible for their child’s health and development. Many elements influence a parent’s ability to parent and, in turn, influence the health and success of a child. Community, access to food and housing, and educational systems play a part. Parenting is influenced by a person’s history, upbringing, and current challenges affecting the family1. Many families face systemic hurdles to navigating family life, including racism, health inequities and toxic stress.

Parenting is a Collective, Social Responsibility

As we work to empower parents in their role, it’s critical to recognize that children thrive when their parents are supported in parenting. Parents act out of love and true concern for their kids. There is a role and a need for society to actively support parents and their children.

We don’t educate parents because we think they’re doing something wrong or that it’s their responsibility to fully accept child raising responsibilities. We educate parents so that they can better navigate systems that aren’t always structured to empower and support families.

Parents—especially those in historically marginalized populations—often feel unheard, voiceless. As advocates of child development and family health, it is our collective responsibility to stabilize families, empower parents, and provide them with opportunities to succeed.

What Success Looks Like

Our work shows amazing success in children when their parents are supported! A child’s brain grows and molds from before birth into adulthood. We see clients every day that show us how much kids can overcome and thrive, when they’re in an environment that fosters their growth. Meanwhile, parents are better able to address obstacles affecting their child’s growth and development when things feel stable. They become stronger advocates for their families, and for other families in their community.

When you can see each family with open eyes and hearts, you can identify the potential and value in every child and parent, no matter their diagnosis, medical history, or circumstances

A child’s health cannot be separated from the whole family’s health. And the health of the family cannot be separated from the health and accessibility of the systems with which the child interacts. To support the needs of children, we work with parents to make services accessible and goals attainable. And in turn empower parents to meet their family's needs.


(1) Iruka IU, Durden T, Kennel P. Changing faces: Parenting, culture, and child learning and development. ZERO TO THREE Journal. 2015;35(4):10.


Need for Community in Parenting

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