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Angel Society donors are individuals who passionately invest in the core mission of Any Baby Can by making an annual gift at a level that is meaningful to that person or family. Angel Society donors provide critical resources to realize our vision of a community where all children and families thrive.

Angel Society donors are invited to gather at private events throughout the year that are both social and educational. These engaging events include opportunities to meet other funders, Any Baby Can key team members and client families who are directly served by our programs. In addition, Angel Society donors receive a quarterly communication highlighting client success stories, informative data and opportunities to be involved.

We invite you to contact Donor Relations Coordinator Jacob Reed, or call 512-334-4412, to discuss your interest in supporting Any Baby Can.

Angel Society Annual Gift Levels:
Partners – $5,000+
Sustainers – $2,500
Members – $1,200

Annual donations may be made at once, or paid monthly. If you would like to accomplish a larger gift, you may also make a pledge to pay over a period of time.


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Meet the Angel Society


Kathy Bailey
Brian and Karen Burgess
Lance and Mary Carlson
Tim and Jennifer Foster
Cindi Gallop
Dominic and Shafeeqa Giarratani
Bob and Gail Hughes
Casey and Ashli Knust
Jim and Mary Kozlowski
John and Patricia Lamb
Jay and Kelley Lamy
Adam and Kim Levinson
Steve and Ellen Miura
Chris and Tricia Moose
Leo and Tracye Ortega
John and Dixie Paulos
Eileen and Stephen Portner
Sabita and Charles Reddy
Jim and Karen Sherriff
Lynn Stahl
Greg and Heidi Stein
Greg and Amy Van Wyk


Antonio and Alexandra Alfau
Mark and Terry Ambrose
Jim and Patrice Arnold
Sue Atkins-Loyd
Cliff and Mary Ann Barkley
James and Kay Broaddus
Jennifer Brockwell
Eileen and Brian Buesing
Matt and Mary Burns
Brett and Melissa Butler
Caroline Caven
Jeffrey and Robin Chapman
David and Stacey DeStefano
David and Veronda L. Durden
Joyce Durst and Nancy Harris
Andy and Christie Garbe
Tyler and Wendy Goldberg
Jim and Paula Henry
Bobby and Jan Jenkins
TiWanna Kenney
Nancy LeBoeuf
Mark and Sara Luttrell
Hal and Betty Meyer
Chris Moehnke
Wade and Melanie Morgan
Rob and Lou Ann Peterson
Joel and Laurel Reed
Mark and Gayle Rolland
Dr. Rose Schneier
John Scarborough
Eric and Laura Scott
Angela and Jerry Springer
Tom and Julie Stevenson
Shelley and Gary Szucs
Terrance Hines and Jarrett Urban
Karen Wang
Kevin and Vicki Wood
Manuel and Jane Zuniga
Norberto and Marcela Zylberberg


Shawn Abbott
Debbie Angus
Kirby and Sammie Baird
Jim and Ellen Balthazar
Paul and Marjory Coffeen
Dale and Leigh Cox
Doug and Sheila Dierking
Mark and Kim Ezell
Casey and Abby Ford
Sean and Trenton Foster
Rick Gutierrez
Blake Holman
Robin Ingari
Brandon and Aubry Johnson
Sean and Ana Jordan
Ronnie and Cindy Klatt
Loree LaChance
William and Angela Marshall
Any Baby Can Development Team
Karen McDonald-White
Michael and Shannon O’Connor
George and Kim Oswald
Karen Quinlan
John and Lacy Ruwwe
Lucas Smith
Tony and Leigh Stein
Reuben Torres
Bob and Sandra Van Wyk
Betty Woods

In 2008, I joined the Any Baby Can Board of Directors, and shortly after made my first Angel Society pledge. From volunteering at client picnics and the annual holiday party to accompanying an Any Baby Can team member on a home visit, I have seen first-hand the impact we can make on the lives of children and families in Central Texas.

Mary Carlson3M Manufacturing Director and Any Baby Can Angel Society Partner

Doctors said my son would never walk…and a year ago he did walk,
and it’s because of Any Baby Can!

DomingaEthan's Mother

Simply put, our family partners with Any Baby Can as we wholeheartedly agree that every child deserves to be healthy and happy. With nearly 100 extraordinary therapists, nurses, social workers and counselors, we can magnify the impact of our investment in children and families by leveraging the efficient, tremendous talents and life changing capabilities Any Baby Can brings to bear. We are humbled and honored to walk alongside the clients of Any Baby Can no matter where they find themselves on life’s journey.

Greg and Amy Van WykAngel Society Partners