40 Years of Any Baby Can

40th anniversary logoIn 2019, we celebrated 40 years of serving Central Texas families. Over the year, we looked back at our history and shared stories from past clients and one of our founders. We also looked forward, envisioning the future of Any Baby Can.

As our region grows, our agency also grows to serve more families and provide comprehensive services that range from healthcare and education to emotional support and basic needs.

Any Baby Can partners with parents to develop skills, identify resources and navigate systems so children can reach their full potential. We believe strong families are at the core of thriving communities. All parents should feel supported, valued and empowered to ensure their children have the best chance at a bright future.

Client Stories: Where are they now?

Our clients inspire us each and every day. Their love, dedication, kindness and commitment to improvement motivate us to give our best as we support and advocate for them and their families. We hope their stories inspire you, too.

Natalie, Any Baby Can client

Life-Changing Family Support

“I was a mother who couldn’t keep a job because of my son’s special needs, appointments, behavioral issues and illnesses. With the support I received from Any Baby Can, I was able to get my son the help he needed, and fulfill my own professional dreams.” Read more


Walking, Talking, Smiling Miracle

“I really didn’t think I could do it. We’re a military family, we didn’t have great salaries, and this was our third child. We were facing the cost of delivery, a week in the NICU, and neurological testing. When they told me I needed a therapist weekly, I thought ‘How are we going to pay for that?’ It was a paralyzing fear.” Read more

Smiling boy

A Journey in Courage

“Without Any Baby Can, I wouldn’t be as independent as I am now. I don’t think I would have had the courage to move to Texas. Or go through with school. Or be a parent. They come to you and fill your time with knowledge. And if you’re ever in a bind, you have a safety net. I’m so grateful for this program.” Read more

Client holding I Can Hear sign

Eric’s Extra Super Powers

“When Eric was little, we started saying things like he’s an X-man, extra strong with extra powerful senses. He never saw himself as different in a negative way… When your child has an illness or disability, it can feel really isolating. Any Baby Can created a community for me, helped me feel informed about hearing loss, and helped me see a life beyond the diagnosis.” Read more

Kinder graduation

From NICU to Hospice to Kindergarten

“When hospice left, that’s when Any Baby Can came into our lives with physical, occupational and speech therapies. Gerardo has overcome the odds with Any Baby Can.” Read more

Dr. Vargas-Baron

A Trailblazer in Early Childhood Intervention

“Any Baby Can performs a huge service to the community and without our programs we’d see many more social problems,” says Dr. Vargas-Baron. “Any Baby Can employs some of the best early interventionists I have seen and worked with, including Alexandra Alfau and Ruth Wells who teaches parenting classes.” Read more

A Look Back

In 1979, CEDEN (Center for Development, Education and Nutrition) Family Resource Center was founded to provide comprehensive services to families in East Austin in need of prenatal, early childhood and parenting education.

In 1992, Any Baby Can of Austin began serving the community after a Texas Department of State Health Services needs assessment determined that a significant population of children with special needs resided in the area. At the time, the operating budget was $120,000 per year, we had 3 employees, and served 135 clients each year. On April 1, 2000 CEDEN Family Resource Center and Any Baby Can of Austin merged, forming the organization you know today.

Austin in 1979

  • Population 341,000 (source U.S. Census Bureau and City of Austin)
  • No Whole Foods (it opened the following year in 1980)
  • Katz’s Deli opened
  • In the hey-day of the original Liberty Lunch
  • Austin City Limits celebrated its 5-year anniversary on PBS
  • Average home price is $60,000

U.S. in 1979

  • Jimmy Carter was president
  • McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal
  • An Atari cost $199 and a Toyota Corolla was $3,698
  • “My Sharona” by the Knack spent 6 weeks at the top of the charts

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