Helping Parents Raise Healthy and Happy Children

At Any Baby Can, an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit organization, we believe all children deserve the chance to be healthy and happy. We strengthen parents and their children through in-home therapies (physical, occupational, and speech pathology), medical case management, resource navigation, and family support services.

Our services are provided through home-visitation programs, community classes and support groups.

We are proud to offer programs for:

Expecting Parents and Parents of Children 0-5

Learn how we help parents...

•  Nurse Home Visitors help first-time pregnant mothers to improve pregnancy outcomes by encouraging preventive health practices to improve the child’s health and development and improve the mother’s economic self-sufficiency.

•  Parent Educators provide prenatal support for pregnant and parenting teen mothers through a collaboration of prenatal medical care and mental health services.

•  Parent Educators facilitate parent-child activities to build a positive parent-child attachment focused on positive child development and safety.

•  Case management connecting parents to supportive community resources.

•  Monthly group events for parents to increase positive parenting skills and to provide parents the opportunity to support one another.

Any Baby Can is a proud provider of the Nurse-Family Partnership® and a
Blue Ribbon Affiliate of the Parents as Teachers® Program.

Children with Cancer and Special Healthcare Needs

Learn how we help children with chronic illnesses and cancer...

Any Baby Can helps children who have cancer or another chronic illness or a physical, developmental, emotional or behavioral health need by providing the families with:

 • Home-based medical case management and resource navigation including
insurance options, medical systems, school and community resources to
create an effective advocacy team for the child

• Emotional support and family events

• Financial assistance toward audiological services for children

• Support groups

Children with Developmental Delays

Learn how we help children with developmental delays...

Through in-home services such as occupational, physical and speech therapy; specialized skills training; resource navigation and case management. Any Baby Can helps children with developmental delays reach their full potential and increases their parents’ knowledge, skills and ability to support their child.

Any Baby Can is a proud provider of Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services.

Moms and Dads Seeking Parenting Classes

Learn how we help moms and dads through parenting education...

Any Baby Can provides free or affordable parenting education throughout Austin in English and Spanish. Classes focus on:

•  Nurturing and positive parenting skills

•  How to manage child behavior

•  Child development

•  Childbirth preparation

Any Baby Can is a proud provider of the Nurturing Parenting Program®.

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“I believe in helping people and making a difference. We understand that the parent is the child’s best teacher.
As a team, Any Baby Can shows families how they can help their child’s development.”

Cynthia Q., Director of Quality Assurance, Early Childhood Intervention

“I know he’ll walk in his own time, and that’s because of the work Any Baby Can does with him, and all they’ve taught me.”

Patricia, Deven's mother