Addressing Developmental Delays

More than 35,000 children in Austin are living with a special healthcare need that impacts their ability to achieve developmental milestones appropriately. Addressing these needs within the first three-years can make a lifelong impact. Any Baby Can offers Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services to help children with developmental or physical challenges reach their full potential.

Early Childhood Intervention

ECI client familyAny Baby Can is a proud provider of the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program for select service areas in Travis, Hays, Llano and Blanco Counties. The ECI model was built on the understanding that the most effective time to improve a child’s ability to grow and learn is before the age of three.

Through in-home services such as occupational, physical and speech therapy; specialized skills training; resource navigation and case management, our team uses a coaching model to build the child’s skills and increase the parents’ knowledge and ability to support their child.

ECI Provides:

  • Occupational, physical and speech therapy

  • Specialized skills training, involving parents working together with their child to improve outcomes

  • Home-based case management and resource navigation including insurance options, medical systems, school and community resources to create an effective advocacy team

Eligibility Criteria:

We serve families with children from birth to 36 months with a developmental delay, medically diagnosed condition or auditory or visual impairment. To be eligible, your child must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Medically Diagnosed Condition

  • Auditory or Visual Impairment

  • Developmental Delay

Search for the ECI program in your area by typing your home zip code into the Health and Human Services search tool.

Our team can help you assess if your child could benefit from and qualify for ECI services.

Client Stories

Simon and parents


Simon is facing a rare genetic condition. While he waits to participate in a clinical trial, Simon, his mom and dad, and Any Baby Can therapists have been working hard to build his skills and enjoy everything that this incredible boy brings to their lives. Read more

Natalie and kids


When Natalie’s first son Camrin was born prematurely at 28 weeks, weighing less than two pounds, she knew there would be challenges in her tiny boy’s life. Our team of therapists helped the family every step of the way. Camrin is now six and a half! And Natalie has used her experiences to start her own business. Read more



Andrea and her son were Any Baby Can clients 14 years ago! When her son was born with a rare birth defect, doctors told her that her son may never walk, talk or even smile. With Any Baby Can by her side, Andrea and her family were able to turn fear and uncertainty into faith and joy. Read more