Meet Children Served by Any Baby Can


Meet Anastasia

When Anastasia was born to proud parents, Sam and Samantha, on January 16, 2016, they were delighted to have the addition of a healthy, happy baby girl to their family.

But they also knew they had a lot to learn and that parenting could be tough. That’s when they reached out to Any Baby Can for support.

With the help of a home-visitation parent educator, Samantha and Sam are proud to report that Anastasia’s development is right on track, and in many cases ahead of schedule!


Meet Gerardo

Gerardo, who was born with a myriad of health conditions including hydrocephalus, originally had a grim prognosis: his parents were sent home from the NICU with hospice.

But Gerardo and his family defied all odds. More than three years later, Gerardo is walking, talking, and singing in English and Spanish. He is a natural charmer who exudes personality.

Gerardo is now enrolled in school full-time and can walk without the help of his walker. He and his mother Mayra have become strong advocates for the therapies, provided by Any Baby Can, which have helped Gerardo succeed.

Chuck and Hank

Meet Chuck and Hank

When Kristin and her family traveled to China to adopt a child in 2014, they were filled with hope. They had already been matched with an 18-month-old boy with albinism who was legally blind. When they met their son’s cribmate, who had the same conditions, they knew they had to bring both boys home.

Once Hank and Chuck arrived home in Austin at the age of 26-months-old, they both began receiving physical and speech therapies from Any Baby Can. As the boys approached their third birthdays, Any Baby Can matched the family with AISD vision services.

Kristin and her family are encouraged by the boys’ improvements and the tools Any Baby Can has provided for their long-term success.


Meet Heber

When Ana went to the doctor for her ultrasound in her first trimester, her doctor let her know that there would be complications with her pregnancy.

When her son, Heber, was born on July 13, 2015, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and Goldenhar Syndrome. These conditions resulted in excessive fluid on the brain and incomplete development of Heber’s ears, nose, soft palate, lip and jaw. Despite these challenges, Heber is a happy and active boy whose parents remain hopeful for their son’s progress.

With weekly physical therapy from Any Baby Can, Heber is gradually becoming stronger – he is now able to hold his head up, move his arms and legs and will soon sit up on his own.

Ana and her family are grateful for Any Baby Can’s in-home therapy and case management services, which help Heber progress weekly.


Meet Keben

Prior to Keben’s birth in 2013, his parents, Liliana and Juan, were told he had Muscular Dystrophy. This came as no surprise because the genetic disorder had already impacted their older son, Juan Diego.

To help ease the challenges of having two children with physical disabilities at home, the family receives case management from Any Baby Can. These services help the family navigate resource options, such as obtaining a van that can transport both boys and their wheelchairs.

Although Muscular Dystrophy is chronic and will result in progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass for both Juan Diego and Keben, Liliana and her family are grateful for the support provided by Any Baby Can.